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How to delete a secondary GMAIL account

Tuesday 10th of July 2012 /
Hi chaps. Thanks for reading! I own an ATRIX phone UNrooted, with Gingerbread 2.3.6 and system version 45.2.49.MB860.Personal.en.AR. I purchased the phone last year, and updated to Gingerbread early this year. On the phone I have a number of eMail accounts. My job one (just to have the calendar, since I also have a BlackBerry to handle work-specific mails and stuff), my personal eMail one (the ISP default account I've been using for years), and a gmail account I've opened just to handle the contact list and GooglePlay stuff. It also syncs my mails, but I seldom get any mail from this account.Last week I was showing my phone and added a second gmail account to explain how to do it... BIG mistake. Now I cannot delete it. These are the things I tried:1) Go to settings>accounts: I have 4 "motoblur" accounts (the main GMail one, the corporate sync one, my personal eMail one and the Facebook one) and 6 "other" accounts (Dropbox, LinkedIn, Google -same address as on the motoblur up there-, facebook -yes, again-, twitter and whatsapp). I have not tried to delete the &q
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How do I remove my original Gmail account?

Sunday 27th of March 2011 /
First off let me say I need some serious help with this phone. I'm at the point where I'm ready to throw the darned thing out the window and just buy a good old fashioned rotary phone. lol I have a HTC T-Mobile G2. When I got it about a month ago I signed up with an old Gmail account. This is an account I've had since Gmail was first started. It's also an account that has well over 200 ppl in my contact. People I no longer talk to or barely remember. lolOn to my the heck do I delete the Gmail account I used when I got my phone. I've since signed up for a new Gmail account and really want to use that. I added my new account, but I can't figure out how to delete/remove the one I signed up with. Help! Jo
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GMAIL contacts, Google Contacts and Phone Contacts

Monday 31st of January 2011 /
I have a newbie question that I've search all over for and can't find an answer and I've been on the phone with Verizon. I have contacts in my phone and contacts in GMAIL. When I delete a contact in my phone it will delete in my GMAIL account online. If I delete it in my GMAIL account online it doesn't delete in my phone. The Verizon tech told me this takes 24 hours but that isn't the case. Does this have something to do with the what type of LINKED PROFILE the contact is? What is the difference between a GOOGLE contact and a PHONE contact? And why do I have Phone Contacts listed twice under Linked Profiles for some of my contacts? Any help would be appreciated.
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Delete contact from phone but NOT Gmail contacts

Wednesday 24th of April 2013 /
Hello all,Is there a way to store my Gmail contacts on my Droid X2, so that if I delete a contact from the phone, it makes no changes to that contact synced in Gmail? Thanks!
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Removing a contact's birthday on calendar--is this impossible?

Sunday 23rd of September 2012 /
I have a contact whose birthday I'm trying to delete from my phone's calendar and it is so stubborn (much like the contact himself) that it won't leave my calendar. One thing I noticed, I had the contact set to a number and not a name, but on my calendar it has the name of the person instead of the # that I use as his contact "name". Another thing I noticed before I deleted the contact is that it had a google attachment to his account through gmail--not exactly sure how this happened or if it was something I actively did or if it is just a gmail thing like it sees this person's gmail address and just automatically links it to the other gmail account. Here's what I've tried so far:--go thru both gmail accounts and delete this contact--delete contact from phone contacts list--reboot phone--check settings and sync, it is set to sync both calendars and contacts on both gmail accounts. Both sets of calendars and contacts synced when the phone was rebooted--export contacts in gmail, then delete all from gmail account. Import contacts back to gmail. I have googled for a while and
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Sync phone contact to gmail?

Tuesday 01st of November 2011 /
This is doing my head in, My dads just got a new Samsung Galaxy SII that he wants to stick his contacts onto from his old desire so i checked his contacts on the desire and they are all saved to the phone not gmail.Now i'm finding out that now they have been created as phone contacts they cannot be synced with gmail..? Is this true because that would be a right pain in the arse. I can't find a way to convert a phone contact into a gmail contact. Surely there is a way? I want to get him into the habit of syncing with gmail hence why i want this so that its sorted for life as everything is in the cloud. Any solutions?Thanks for any help!Edit: *** ****, everytime ive posted a help thread the fast few times i have, i've found the answer just a little bit after, so yeah, i did it by exporting my phone contacts to my SD card then connect the phone to a pc and import them to to gmail. Now i have to find a way to delete his desire from the android market so then apps will sync to his new phone.
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Multiple SGS2 phones on one Google accounts

Saturday 08th of October 2011 /
I researched it a little bit and found some answers but my problem appears to be a little more involving. Goal: 1 Google account so all 4 phones can download the once paid apps, but 4 different emails and different contacts on all 4 SGS2. What I did: 1. First and foremost, create 4 gmail accounts if not already done. Organize your gmail contacts. If migrating from Iphone(2 of my old phones are Iphone), you can set Itunes to sync your Iphone contacts with Google so that your Iphone contacts will appear in your gmail. 2. Backup your gmail contacts by exporting to csv files and name them accordingly. 3. Sign in with first phone to app market using my primary Google accounts. I have contacts in Gmail so that automatically pull down the contacts for the phone to use. 4. Sign in the second phone to app market with my primary Google accounts also. This does the same thing and my contacts are pulled down. Now go to Contacts:More:Accounts. Select my Gmail accounts and disable syncing of contacts. Now select all the contacts and delete them all(It will not delete your gmail contact on your pc
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Cannot Delete a Contact

Friday 19th of February 2010 /
Using a Motorola Droid, just purchased, I imported contacts using CompanionLink. All was good initially. Now I cannot delete some contacts. I tried the menu key and "delete contact" and that didn't work. I tried holding down on the contact and choosing delete, that didn't work. Turned of gmail sync too, rebooted, that didn't work either. Deleted all info. Contact now "unknown" but it still cannot be deleted.
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Contact sync problem

Wednesday 06th of April 2011 /
I am having an issue with syncing contacts between my Thunderbolt & Gmail Contacts. I followed the very straight forward instructions according to this site here: How To Manage Your Gmail Contacts On Your Android PhoneMy issue is: Now that the Thunderbolt is synced with Gmail, new phone contacts that are added directly on the phone are NOT being saved to the Gmail account automatically. (When I delete a contact on the Thunderbolt, it IS deleting on my Gmail contacts list on my PC, which leads me to believe that the sync is partially working). New contacts that are added in Gmail are succesfully syncing back to the Thunderbolt.Any ideas how to fix?
posted on: HTC ThunderBolt
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delete a gmail contact

Monday 16th of September 2013 /
How do I delete an address from my gmail on my Samsung galaxy proclaim?
posted on: HTC ThunderBolt
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