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How do you fix the LED of a samsung galaxy tablet? It seems

Tuesday 10th of July 2012 /
How do you fix the LED of a samsung galaxy tablet? It seems to have 'frozen' and have tried to reboot but no luckAlready Tried: Tried to reboot, but the screen freezes
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Hard Reset on EGL25BL 7 inch Tablet

Saturday 26th of January 2013 /
I am hoping that someone can help me with. I am new to tablets in general. I am an old laptop guy. But, I purchased a couple of these tablets for my grandkids for Christmas. One of them used the dots to create a password pattern and can't remember what she did. For the life of me I can not find a way to reset the tablet back to normal. I have tried to contact ematic, no avail, searched through google and haven't found anything that works. I have already tried the holding down the power button while also holding down the volumn button, but all I get is the Ematic logo screen and then it goes dark. Nothing happens. I have gotten to the point where I put it in Safe Mode but that doesn't help either. I have read on your forum about the endless loop and reseting everything using the FLash method. It seems if that is a bit of an extreme to reset the tablet. Also, the instructions from Ematic aren't exactly user friendly here. If anyone could help me on this I would truely appreciate it. I am pretty well frustrated with this. Thanks.
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How to Do a Hard Reset for a Samsung galaxy note 2

Thursday 14th of March 2013 /
I want to do a hard reset to my samson galaxy note 2. Im not sure how. Also i have a extsdcard that i copied my music and pictures to but I don't know where the file for my contacts are located so I could copy that one also. When I do the reset should I take out the extsdcard first?
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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when trying the hard reset on a mytouch 3g the trackball will

Saturday 23rd of June 2012 /
when trying the hard reset on a mytouch 3g the trackball will not select anything. is there a solution for this?
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Using Eris after hard reset as a wifi device only

Saturday 15th of October 2011 /
Hi, I have a HTC Eris. the phone no longer has cell service but my son uses it with wifi for youtube and other apps he likes. i thought I could help the phone perform better if i did a hard reset but now after doing the hard reset and trying to power it back up it wants to activate the cell service. I can't seem to get around this step. is there a way i can bypass the cell service activation step and use it again as just a wifi device?thanks for the help,steve
posted on: HTC Droid Eris
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is a hard reset and a "Factory Reset" the same thing?

Sunday 11th of July 2010 /
just wondering if both are the same. as I understand, a hard reset requires using actual buttons to reset the phone while the Factory Reset you just go to Privacy and select Factory Reset.
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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how can i do hard reset of my nitron tablet..

Wednesday 15th of May 2013 /
I have nitron tablet with trackball....the problem is i not know the password of pattern lock...and i want to hard factory reset my tablet....the tablet do not have volume has only Power,Menu,Esc and trackball buttons....It has android 2.1 operating system...pls help how i do hard reset.....
posted on: Android Tablet Q&A
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Hard reset of phone. Still rooted

Saturday 14th of August 2010 /
So I had a sync icon that would not go away. Verizon told me the only way to get rid of it was to do a hard reset. I was just going to leave it but I am sure it is killing my battery. So I hard reset the phone and start to reinstall all apps. I figure that I will no longer be able to easy root the phone because app is not available. Well looks like my phone is still rooted, because one of the apps asked for superuser permission. Now my question is without the app, how do I unroot if i choose?
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hard reset of a Yeahpad Pillbox7 tablet

Friday 11th of October 2013 /
hi,since yesterday, my Pillbox7 tablet hangs up at boot time. I end up with the Android splash-screen and nothing happens afterwards.Since i could not find the manual for the tablet, I found a thread about this issue on the Stackoverflow forum, and it is suggested to reset it by pushing simultaneously power-on + volume-up buttons.Unfortunately this seems to fail as it was reported by other people. Does someone know how to solve this issue? Is this issue related to the Android OS or to the hardware itself?I believe some updates simply screwed up things in my case.thanks for your valuable help.
posted on: Software Development and Hacking
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What's the difference btwn a Hard Reset and a Factory Data Reset?

Monday 30th of December 2013 /
Was just about reset my Motion in order to simply start with a clean slate again (unrooted, stock). A general clearing out of sorts instead of going through all the crap apps I've installed in the last year.Backed up all the stuff I needed and was about to reset when I noticed that there are two methods of resetting to factory. One involves the following:How To Hard Reset A LG Motion 4G(MS770)1. Power off phone.2. Hold power and Volume down button( Until the phone virbrates).3. Keep tapping home and back( at the same time).4. Your either going to see a green robot or a menu screen.The other is simply using the menu in the Motion's System Settings to access the "Backup & reset" option and then pressing the "Factory Data Reset" item.Which one is best? Do they both accomplish exactly the same thing? Additionally, will utilizing either of these options result in needing to call MetroPCS to re-connect the phone? I've asked a similar question some months ago and people told me "no", that wouldn't be the case. Just in case, though... I'm asking.
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