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"Unfortunately, the process has stopped." What does this mean?

Monday 05th of November 2012 /
I am getting this error message frequently: "Unfortunately, the process has stopped." It seems to have started after the ICS upgrade. What does it mean? is there an issue? Is there something I can do to fix it? Thanks
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch
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how to fix android.process.acore has stopped working

Saturday 25th of August 2012 /
When i try to dial out i get this message android process acore has stopped working pls try again. Could someone tell me how i could fix this error and what could i have done for this to have happenned? Much Appreciated. farkyeah05!
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch
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crashes - " has stopped unexpectedly" error when I boot my Galaxy Nexus

Tuesday 24th of April 2012 /
Every time I boot my phone it gives the error message has stopped unexpectedly. Why?I am using 4.0.2 on my Galaxy Nexus.
posted on: crashes
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Wednesday 18th of January 2012 /
I get the " has stopped unexpectedly" error message at least twice a day and sometimes more. I have tried the following methods that were recommended on other Android forum threads:settings> apps> all: click download manager and clear data and cacheand settings> apps> all: click media storage and clear data and cacheBut I still keep getting the error message intermittently (daily). I am not sure what is causing the error message and the ramifications. My Verizon GNex is not rooted. I have had the phone since December 15th, but this issue didn't start until a couple weeks ago. Not sure if it is due to a conflict with one of the downloaded apps. Other than this nuisance, I love the phone. I greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions.
posted on: Galaxy Nexus Help
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The has stopped unexpectedly.

Wednesday 25th of January 2012 /
Hello. I am new to the forums and I got a Infotmic M7206 7" tablet for christmas. It worked fine until it came up with this error message "The has stopped unexpectedly". I press okay and it comes up 30 seconds later. It always does this when starting opera, and my media scanner runs 3 times in a row by itself when my device boots up.Please Help
posted on: Infotmic Based
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The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

Sunday 15th of May 2011 /
So I have looked through some thread with no luck already. I keep on getting this error when I try to download new apps or update old apps from the market. Yesterday, I just flashed the new Gingerbread EVO ROM and everything has been working great except for the fact that I'm getting this error. I have absolutely no idea what the problem could be. Your help is greatly appreciated!!
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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Tuesday 23rd of November 2010 /
I downloaded a few apps, deleted some I didnt like. After i messed around with some of them, playing them, when I try to download more it's giving me the message "The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." I don't know why this is happening; i got it today.
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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Android Forums - View Single Post - Support how to fix android.process.acore has stopped working

Thursday 09th of May 2013 /
unfortunately android keyboard aosp has stopped Now this is really frustrating. I did Factory Reset and Wipe Cache. I went into Recovery and Rom'ed CyanogenMod ( and GApps ( Downloads - Downloading Now when I try to use my phone I get "unfortunately android keyboard aosp has stopped". I'm really stuck! :-O
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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[Q] How to Fix this error??process android process media has stopped unexpectedl

Saturday 14th of April 2012 /
How to fix this error "process android process media has stopped unexpectedly"For ur information i already do:1) re-flash 2) factory reset3)wipe data n wipe cache4)fix permissionthe error still come when i want to install app from google play.Now im using custom rom RC5.7 (samsung galaxy mini)
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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Unfortunately, the process has stopped

Sunday 12th of January 2014 /
Hi allI am trying to transfer a large number of photos, contained in a number of folders, from my Win7 PC to my Nexus 7. I am doing this via 2 open windows on my PC and dragging and copying the various folders.Unfortunately the transfer only runs for a minute or 2 before the following message is displayed on my N7: Unfortunately, the process has stopped. This has happened on numerous occasions.I am running Android V 4.2.2.Grateful if you could give me any advice in how to fix this problem.RgeradsSimon
posted on: HTC EVO 4G
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