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Video streaming on Android phone - Is it slow?

Wednesday 17th of October 2012 /
Hi everyone! I'm considering getting an Android Phone (I've never had a smart phone before) and cancelling my home internet to save money by paying only one bill for both phone and internet. But I'm wondering if I will be able to watch streamed videos (like TV shows, movies, YouTube videos) from my Android phone? Or will it be too slow?I'm not sure if the type of Android phone matters, but I might be getting the Kyocera Rise.Thank you!
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Internet too slow!!!

Monday 14th of May 2012 /
Help!!The internet on my phone is too slow.
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Huawei m835 games too slow

Monday 18th of February 2013 /
Hi, my huawei m835. Run all the game very slow example: Fruit Ninja,Temple run,angry birds etc... my phone is rooted and i have chainfire 3D installed and i have configured with all the plugin and all but nothing please help... PD:Sorry for my bad english.
posted on: Huawei M835
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Phone is glitchy/slow for weeks, freezes, force closing, etc.

Wednesday 18th of May 2011 /
Hey all,Before I popped into IRC with all my QQ, I wanted to ask if anybody else has been experiencing general system failure lately on their Ally. I scanned the topics here and didn't really see much on, so I suppose it might just be me. So the low-down on what's been up. The phone has been incredibly slow with loading pretty much everything, including basic things like text messaging or my alarm. More often than not I end up with freezes and having to force close. In some extreme cases (sadly, at least once a week) I have to resort to popping out my battery cause even the power-down won't work. I'm having trouble with apps, too. TweetDeck, for instance, has a bad habit of starting up on it's own when I tell it not to. I will quit / exit out / force close the program but sure enough I end up with updates on my bar within minutes. Uninstall / reinstall has not fixed this. I installed / uninstalled skype but the program apparently isn't gone from my phone and is constantly running. I have terrible battery life as is. Etc.It's been trying to update the OS for a few days now, every time
posted on: LG Ally
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I can use my phone as a heater or to cook eggs...

Wednesday 04th of August 2010 /
Well like I stated on the title my phone is giving off too much heat.I was using ChevyNo1's 1.25 ghz lowV kernel and had it at max 1.25ghz but it gets too hot so i lowered it to 1.00 ghz min. at 800 and itgot a lot cooler but I'd like to keep it at 1.25ghz since it's very fast &does everything without any lag or choppiness... Since when I lower itis really and i mean really slow & choppy... Is there a way I can keep itat 1.25 ghz and keep it cool at the same time?Currently using : UD 5.0.1 Rom, ChevyNo1 1.25ghz lowv kernel, rooted 2.2 froyo, & luna theme for the ud5 rom. Any help is much appreciated...
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Is there anyway to swap this phone with something in equal value?

Friday 15th of April 2011 /
I'm about done with this phone. It's obvious it's defective. One time, I head my phone play my ringtone and someone was calling me but nothing popped up. It froze and I missed a call from my MOTHER (she called on my home phone and asked why i didn't pick up, i just said that my phone was too slow to pick up). It's buggy and slow. I've already rooted once but that made it even slower by installing superuser and all that crap. I'm also paying the $7 for the insuranceAlso, superuser is still on there and I'm not rooted so I can't get rid of it, can I delete it from adb or DDT? I'm afraid that if they see su they won't swap it. So is there a way I could file a complaint and swap this phone out?
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Hydro is terribly slow, won't download 3g

Friday 19th of April 2013 /
My Kyocera Hydro (Cricket) phone is terribly slow. Once my 2gb'svof high speed internet used up, it takes forever for my internet to load. Can't download anything in 3g, keeps saying download unsuccessful. Seems that wherever I go, I only get 2 bars signal strength. Just bought this phone, maybe I am expecting too much? had a ZTE. Score, which was great compared to this. But they downgraded the Score from a smartphone, to basic. I saw posts about a system tuner, but I'm not that savvy. Anyone got any simple tips and instructions on how to speed this phone up?
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my phone is too slow

Monday 07th of October 2013 /
i have samsung galaxy s3 mini Model number GT-I8190,Android version 4.2.2 and internal storage of 16GB but it is very slow and it keeps on telling me that my storage is getting low and i have only installed like 5 apps.... it is really acting weirdly and the camera doesn't look to be of 5MP, the flash ligth is like useless because in the night i can't take any good picture no matter what yet other phone with flash lights take nice photos in the night.... please help me..
posted on: Kyocera Hydro
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My samsung galaxy tab 3 is too slow

Saturday 08th of March 2014 /
hello guys , so before 2 weeks i bought a samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0 from the store and now i have got issues with it . First : I downloaded like 10 apps and it was going too slow and sometimes it stucked in some position and it wont get out and work for about 1 hour so i had to restart it , when i clicked some apps or buttons it will click them several times and doesnt work properly , i have not installed a sd card . yesterday i reset the whole phone and started all over and now it is a little bit better but still i am facing this problems , why should that happen ??? Sorry for my english ....
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My Samsung Galaxy Trend duos s7392 is too too slow...what to do ?

Monday 04th of August 2014 /
I am using this phone for some is slow from the beginning. I use the phone as modem . But, what I am seeing.. now the phone is very slow. For example , when I use facebook app or facebook messenger,then the mobile I have to restart . When I use viber , then the phone hangs and so I have to restart again. I have done factory reset even many days, but the problem comes again within few hours. I have gone to the customer center for three times, what they do , just they do factory reset. So, at this stage , what I should do ? I can't find any custom rom for this phone too.... The phone is only 3 months old. Thanks.
posted on: Kyocera Hydro
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