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I got Froyo update from Samsung Open Source. How to install?

Thursday 09th of June 2011 /
I just got Froyo update for my GT-I5800 from the Samsung Open Source But how can I install it?
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Samsung Fascinate Source Code Released

Wednesday 15th of September 2010 /
We now have one more reason to love the Samsung Fascinate and it starts with open and ends with source. Yup, Samsung has officially released the source code for the Fascinate on their open source website. For some this news won't matter much, but for Developers or those looking to take the Fascinate to the next level are sure to have a smile from ear to ear. To download the 161mb source, point your browser towards, search the page for model SCH-I500, and let the games begin! Thanks for the tip Bryan!Source: Samsung Open Source Release Center
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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini open source code posted

Tuesday 06th of November 2012 /
Yesterday we reported on Samsung posting open source code for their Galaxy Tab 2 devices and AT&T’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Samsung’s developers have continued their work today, making available the code for the new Samsung Galaxy S III Mini. Those interested in grabbing the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean code for the device can head over to the Samsung Open Source Release Center to find their copy. With this code now available, we expect it will not be long before the modders start releasing tweaks to the firmware, new ROMs based on the code, or even incorporating some Android 4.2 features for use on the Galaxy S III Mini.//source: Samsung Open Source Release Centervia: Android Police» See more articles by Jeff Causey//
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Samsung Releases Open Source Kernel Files For Galaxy Camera, Note 10.1, And Others

Saturday 09th of November 2013 /
Samsung is back again with a fresh batch of source, today dropping open source kernel files for the Note 10.1 (N8000), its LTE counterpart N8020, the Stratosphere II (SCH-I415), and Sprint's version of the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (SPH-P500). The most interesting device on the list, though, is probably the Galaxy Camera (EK-GC100), which is just arriving at UK retailers this month, with no firm date announced for a state-side debut. Though the Galaxy Camera is a somewhat unconventional Android device, it's still great to see Samsung keeping up with its pattern of timely open source file releases.If you've been waiting to put your hands on the official kernel source for these devices, or just want to take a peek at what makes them tick, hit the appropriate link below.Source: Samsung Open Source (Galaxy Camera, Note 10.1, Note 10.1LTE, Stratosphere II, Sprint Galaxy Tab 2 10.1) Tags:dropFilesgalaxykernelnote 10.1open sourceSamsungSprintstratosphere iitab 2 10.1
posted on: Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8000 / N8010 / N8013)
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Samsung releases Galaxy Note 2 open-source bits

Monday 08th of October 2012 /
Samsung has released the Linux kernel source code, and other open-source bits, for the recently-launched international version of its Galaxy Note 2 handset (model number GT-N7100). These files won't be of any use to regular Note 2 owners, but they may help out custom ROM developers looking to develop Jelly Bean-based firmware for the device, meaning better and more stable ROMs for all of us. The files are available from the Samsung Open Source Release Center, linked below. Just plug the model number -- GT-N7100 -- into the search box, and you'll be good to go.If you're still on the fence about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, be sure to check out our full review.Source: Samsung Open-Source Release Center; via: SamMobile
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Samsung Drops Open Source Files For Verizon Galaxy Camera, AT&T Galaxy SIII Jelly Bean, AT&T Galaxy Tab 8.9 Ice Cream Sandwich

Friday 13th of December 2013 /
Samsung, continuing its habit of timely code releases, today let fly open source kernel files for a handful of devices including Verizon's newly announced Galaxy Camera (EK-GC120), AT&T's Galaxy SIII Jelly Bean update (SGH-I747), and last but not least, AT&T's Galaxy Tab 8.9 Ice Cream Sandwich release (SGH-I957).If you've been waiting to get your hands on a fresh batch of kernel source for these devices to tweak, develop, or ogle, now's your chance. Just hit the appropriate link below to be taken to Samsung's open source download center.Source: Samsung Open Source (VZW Galaxy Camera, AT&T Galaxy SIII, AT&T Galaxy Tab 8.9) Tags:AT&TcameraFilesgalaxykernelopenopensourceSamsungsiiisourceTab 8.9Verizon Wirelessvzw
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Android Forums - View Single Post - Tips New Samsung Open Source site?

Friday 16th of April 2010 /
here's an RSS feed for updates in mobile section:Samsung Open Source Release Center
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New Samsung Open Source site?

Friday 09th of April 2010 /
I just mistyped the URL for Open Source - Samsung Mobile, and just typed the one for Samsung Open Source Release Center...It seems to be a "new" site for every division of Samsung to publish the sources of software distributed under open software licenses... starting at April 1st 2010.Right now it only lists some sources for a multifunction printer, but it seems to be a more serious effort than the previous site. You know... they even have included the release date information I guess that any further Galaxy sources upgrade will be posted there... (hopefully soon).
posted on: Samsung i7500
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samsung open source - Android Police - Android News, Apps, Games, Phones, Tablets

Friday 21st of June 2013 /
Samsung has just dropped the source code for the Sprint version of the Galaxy S III, and it's available on Samsung's open source web portal here. Samsung has been surprisingly on-point with getting source code for the Galaxy S III here in the US, ensuring that custom kernels and ROMs will have the maximum amount of tweakability available to tinkerers from the likes of RootzWiki and XDA.Samsung Open Source
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Samsung open source code

Saturday 15th of January 2011 /
Samsung Open Source Release CenterThen go to Mobile > Mobile phones and scroll down to GT-I5800.There is a tar file with:- busybox- file system tools- kernel- platformI have not looked into the details yet. Check it out.
posted on: Samsung Galaxy Apollo (3)
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