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waking the screen without disconnecting your call

Sunday 12th of August 2012 /
When on a call holding the phone in my hand, the screen blacks out, as it's supposed to when next to my face, to prevent accidental "button pushing." When I move the phone away, the screen comes back on. However, if I am using the internal speaker or a bluetooth connected speaker, the screen "times out" according to the timing set in the system display settings. (I have mine set to one minute.) But as far as I can tell, the ONLY way to get the screen to turn back on is to press the power button -- and that DISCONNECTS the call! Which means there is no way to look at my calendar or the web or any other app while on a speaker call (after the screen has timed out).Is there any other way to turn the screen back on without disconnecting the call? Or, Is there a setting somewhere that prevents the screen from timing out while on speaker or bluetooth?
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New type of Android "System" ad pop-up, not browser pop-up ads or Air Push!!

Tuesday 05th of July 2011 /
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend (in the US). I just got back from vacation. While helping a relative set up their new Android phone, I noticed something new. After installing "Flixster" and then a live wallpaper called "3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper", a very strange thing happened. The "3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper" app was a 'featured' front page app on the Android Market place on Sprint. I was trying to open the "Flixster" app, and the timing was such that the 3D Fireflies wallpaper had just finished installing, I noticed a SYSTEM pop-up in the home screen (not in the browser) - that said something about "LivingSocial coupon"... I was trying to do something else on the phone at the time, so I inadvertantly clicked on the "LivingSocial" pop-up, which then brought up a full page ad for LivingSocial. I used the "back" key to back out of it. Then I downloaded "Airpush Detector", to see if it was an Airpush ad - and the Airpush Detector did not detech any Airpush apps on the system. I reviewed the
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Sony Ericsson prepping a 5-inch Android phone with QWERTY keyboard?

Friday 04th of June 2010 /
Well, this is just great timing. What we're looking at here is supposedly a Sony Ericsson smartphone, which seems to sport a five-inch screen and a hinged slide-out keyboard like the HTC Shift and the Eking S515. Even if this prototype turns out to be legit, our tipster -- who has a solid track record -- says it's only running on Android 2.1 and that development is in its infancy while low-level drivers are being tested. Well, we can probably wait, except we're also told that internally SE doesn't appear to have any plans for 2.2 yet. Cue the angry tomatoes and eggs, but bring us a PSP phone any day and we'll call off the rally.Update: We've received word from a second highly-trusted source who says that the display is 5.5 inches (too big to fit in the front pocket), and runs a clean Android 2.1 install. Oh, and it's launching in the fall. IT168 Sony Ericsson BBSP.s. someone buy me this This Tiny Cocktail Arcade Is a Tiny Dream Come True
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Screen timing out while on phone

Tuesday 03rd of January 2012 /
When I am using the speaker and on the phone the screen times out and goes black after 30 seconds, how do I get the screen back on without pushing power button and hanging up?
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How to keeep screen from timing out while using a dock?

Monday 15th of April 2013 /
Is there a way to keep your phone from timing out when connected to a dock? I want to keep the lock screen lit up while my phone is on my desk at work but cannot figure it out. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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Security Flaw In AT&T’s Galaxy S II’s Security Screen Lets Anyone Bypass It, Samsung Chimes In

Saturday 01st of October 2011 /
A pretty major security flaw was discovered in AT&T’s Galaxy S II that makes the security screen pretty much useless. What normally keeps unauthorized users out of your phone with a pattern lock or a PIN number is easily bypassed. All the intruder has to do is press the lock button to wake the screen, let the screen timeout and shut off, and wake the screen once more to find the security lock is now bypassed. The one catch to this is the device must have been unlocked once already, meaning unless it was just powered on and not unlocked yet your phone will be at risk. A Samsung spokesperson┬áresponded┬áto an inquiry from BGR saying they are investigating the security threat while AT&T declined to comment at this time. Hit the break to see the security flaw in action and Samsung’s statement to BGR. Samsung noted there is a quick fix by setting the screen timeout to “immediately”, but who wants their screen timing out right away?//Samsung and AT&T are aware of the user interface issue on the Galaxy S II with AT&T. Currently, when using a security
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Any way to keep GOOGLE Maps from going to sleep?

Friday 30th of April 2010 /
I was hoping someone could help me as I'm using Google Maps to keep an eye on live traffic and have the screen timing out. Annoying when I have security on the phone and have to keep putting my pattern in while driving. Any options besides removing security or extending the time? Also, can someone give a definite answer whether or not WIFI drains the batter faster? Should I be using WIFI at home as opposed to 3G for optimal battery life? Thanks in advance!
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Car Mount Question

Tuesday 12th of January 2010 /
I just purchased the Car Mount and the Multimedia Dock for my Droid, but I can't figure out a way to prevent the screen from timing out when I'm either in Navigation or Map mode.Another thing I noticed is that if I get a call or initiate a call from my phone while it's on the mount, the screen just goes black as if there's something in front of it also preventing me from putting the call on speaker or end the call. (possible proximity sensor bug?)So far those are the only two bugs I've noticed, but again I've just had the mount for a few hours.Any suggestions?Thanks
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Serious issue with HTC One and Skype

Sunday 21st of July 2013 /
i have the latest version of skype (version installed on my htc one phone. i have noticed while using skype that something weird happens to the phone-- the screen goes dark while the phone call is in session and there is no way to really get back into it-- if you press the power button it flashes quickly and goes back to black. i was willing to live with that b/c i have a paid skype account to call internationally. anyway today after completing an international call, something really strange occurred. the skype call ended but then i couldn't bring the phone screen to turn on. i started freaking out and tried to reboot the phone by holding down the power button and then trying to press the VOLUME down button, as someone suggested but this had no effect. when pressing the power button the home and the left-arrow buttons just kept flashing white. i took the protective cover off to see if i could take out the battery and put it back in but realized there was no way to open the phone! then i thought this sucks b/c i have to travel in the next few days and the timing of this
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