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Wont play videos I recorded on my phone

Thursday 20th of January 2011 /
Okay so videos the I record on my phone will not play it has done this several time and usually after a battery and SD card pull it works but not this time. Any suggestions?
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wont play camera videos after Jelly Bean upgrade

Tuesday 09th of April 2013 /
I have a galaxy s2 lte with rogers. Just uprgraded to 4.1.2 and now it will not properly play videos that I have recorded with my phone. The videos open but they are increadibly choppy, like 1 frame every 2 or 3 seconds and the colors just go insane and it is all distorted and messed.More infoThe videos played fine before the upgrade. They play fine on the computer.Videos are .mp4The phone will play all other video files including .mp4 that are not taken taken from my phone.Videos do not work on neither the stock video player or vlc beta.Searched for threads could not find anything like this. If there is please send me its way, or else any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Wont play .3g2 movies

Friday 30th of April 2010 /
i recently switched from the LG EnV touch to the Droid Eris. The env recorded video in .3g2 format and i noticed the eris is .3gp. I put all the old videos i recorded from my env to the sd card on the eris and they will not play. The video starts and then some videos freeze after a few seconds and some skip alot and the audio will not work at all. the phone seems to recognize all the .3g2 files as audio files not video files. The videos i record on the eris camera play just fine and the full length movies i converted to .mp4 play just fine as well. Anybody know why the .3g2 will not play? And i have tried converting the old .3g2 to .mp4 or .3gp and it works but the video comes out all scratchy and weird. The videos play just fine on the env and my computer just not on the eris. any suggestions?
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Delete a picture from messaging.

Thursday 06th of October 2011 /
Hey, So I just got the Droid 3. I was trying to see how to send a picture with sound. I tried both putting the picture in first and the sound in first and it doesn't let me attach them both to the same message. So, that's one problem.But, the real issue is. Since I cannot send both at the same time I figured I would just play the music and make a short video (since I haven't recorded any videos with the new phone yet). And I tried to delete the photo out of the message thread and it wont delete and I've had this problem before except I didnt realize the photo was still over there and it sent with a message i sent WAYYYY after deciding not to send the picture. So, How do I delete a picture from a message? I can see the picture thumbnail on the left side of my screen.
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Videos recorded on Note 3 wont play on PC

Wednesday 25th of December 2013 /
Does anyone know a player for PC that will play Note 3 recorded videos? The format shows mp4. I have always been able to play other mp4's but the ones from my phone wont play. I have tried realplayer, winamp, media player classic, divx player, windows media player and out of frustration downloaded VLC player which still doesn't work. Some play the video without audio, some the audio with frozen video, some just freeze and I have to do a hard reboot, and one won't work at all. Could it be because I am trying on a Dell with Windows XP? Do I have to go through the kies program? Any ideas guys?
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